Veterinary Care, Green Summit Animal Clinic, Lees Summit

Like pet owners everywhere, animal lovers in Lees Summit deserve the best in healthcare for all of their family members. From cats and dogs to smaller mammals such as rabbits, Green Summit Animal Clinic has qualified staff that will treat your pets like the family you know them to be.

The Animal Clinic that Educates

Focused on animal health and preventive care, the veterinarians and their staff in Lees Summit not only care for animals but also actively educate pet owners on keeping their animals healthy. Green Summit Animal Clinic provides education on veterinary care and animal health to help clients feel comfortable as they learn about the treatments available for their pets. This education serves to help pet owners in Lees Summit keep their furry friends thriving, ultimately eliminating many unwarranted vet visits as well as minimizing the anxiety both owners and pets often feel when a vet visit is necessary.

Beyond Veterinary Care

In order to fully meet the needs of Lees Summit residents, the animal clinic also provides boarding for both dogs and cats. The climate-controlled feline boarding keeps kitties comfortable and happy in their individual cages. An added perk is playtime in the cat room. For canine pals, indoor and outdoor play areas are available. Each dog will also receive one-on-one playtime with a staff member. For both cats and dogs, special boarding packages can be purchased. Green Summit Animal Clinic in Lees Summit also provides full grooming services. If nothing smells worse than a dirty wet dog, it is also true that nothing looks more beautiful than a freshly groomed four-legged pal. Each grooming includes ear pluck and sanitary feet and pad trimming.

The Best Veterinary Care

The veterinary staff at the clinic is well-trained in treating animals with acute illnesses as well as maintaining the vitality of healthy pets. Providing compassion and tender services to pets and their owners, these veterinarians can be trusted to give life-long care to the Lees Summit pets. You want nothing but the best for your family. Green Summit Animal Clinic is here to help you make sure that the animal members of your clan get the best care available—both in the clinic and at home.