Green Summit Animal Clinic, Veterinary Care, Raintree

As any responsible pet owner knows, periodic trips to the vet are required in order to maintain the health and well-being of the furry members of the family. Green Summit Animal Clinic is devoted to providing exceptional preventative and diagnostic health care in a nurturing environment for pets residing in the Raintree area. We also realize the importance of promoting an educational and responsive atmosphere for pet owners. We are happy to answer questions and provide referrals to ensure your pet receives all the benefits and expertise required to live a happy, healthy life.

Holistic Veterinary Care

At Green Summit Animal Clinic, we take a holistic approach to veterinary medicine by providing our Raintree clients and their pets with a comprehensive range of quality services. Individual immunization records, health histories and established wellness protocols are meticulously documented and maintained in our office. You can access this information online using our pet portal, as well as request medication refills, email reminders for check-ups and annual immunizations. You can even use this online feature to schedule appointments. Our office staff is also on hand should you prefer to handle these tasks by phone.

Veterinary Surgeries

A licensed veterinarian is always on hand to give friendly and knowledgeable service with the gentleness and empathy your pet deserves. Our vets regularly perform surgeries such as spaying, neutering, feline declawing, and skin tag, cyst and fatty tumor removal, as well as bladder stone extraction. Our radiology and diagnostic testing facilities are also equipped to assist the vet with more invasive surgeries such as removal of intestinal foreign bodies, amputations and orthopedics.

Full-Service Animal Clinic

Clients are also able to take advantage of the specialized veterinary professionals we have on staff. Our diverse team is dedicated to providing conscientious pet owners in Raintree and the surrounding areas with an all-inclusive range of dental, hygienic, chiropractic and obedience training at our animal clinic. Insertion of microchips and nutritional counseling are just a few of the additional measures we provide in order to ensure your pet remains safe and healthy. We are well versed in the potential problems associated with individual breeds and strive for a proactive approach in order to avoid possible dangers that may keep your pet from living a full, healthy life.

Pet Boarding Services

We offer separate veterinarian quality canine and feline boarding facilities, complete with central heat and air conditioning, to make your pet as comfortable and stress-free as possible while you are away from home. Our canine retreats also provide ready outdoor access for Raintree area dogs of all ages during fine weather. Special care packages consisting of individualized playtime with our boarding staff, fleece lined beds and personalized services for both cats and dogs are available upon request.