Green Summit Animal Clinic, Veterinary Care, Lakewood

Green Summit Animal Clinic, has provided optimum full-service care for pets in Lakewood for over 20 years. The veterinary staff is knowledgeable and friendly to both animals and their owners. Tours of the veterinarian working areas for uncertain or curious Lakewood owners are available. Some of our services include surgeries such as spaying/neutering, declawing, growth removal, bladder stone removal, amputations, immunizations and checkups, chiropractic evaluations, and dental care.

Beyond Veterinary Care

Vet care goes beyond the regular at Green Summit Animal Clinic. Our veterinary clinic also offers boarding for cats and dogs and bathing and grooming services that pamper a pet from head to toe. Lakewood pets will get treated from the inside out by the veterinarian staff to make sure that they live long, happy lives. Vet services are now easier than ever to manage no matter where you live with our Pet Portal, an online gateway that helps Lakewood residents schedule appointments, refill pet medication, and more.

Small Animal Veterinary Care

Green Summit Animal Clinic caters mostly to small animals such as dogs and cats. We also love seeing rabbits and other small mammals. Our services include the care and well-being of these creatures, and some of our staff even have experience in raising and caring for rats and mice. If you’d like to keep your furry Lakewood family members safe, micro-chipping is also available.

Pet Nutrition and Medication

Because we care about the overall health of your pet, at Green Summit Animal Clinic we offer nutritional options for pets. We carry Science Diet Maintenance and Prescription Diet foods to pair with each animal’s specific dietary needs, such as weight management or later-life care. These items, as well as medication, can be ordered or re-ordered via our online Pet Portal if desired. The clinic will ship the orders to you directly. Also at Green Summit, you’ll find online-only specials for discounts on various services, such as bathing and grooming. Questions can be sent to us via online form, by phone, or in person at the animal clinic itself. Our staff is always happy to answer questions and we keep our own knowledge-base fresh.