Green Summit Animal Clinic, Veterinary Care, Lake Winnebago

Looking for a veterinarian in Lake Winnebago? Green Summit Animal Clinic is a premier veterinary practice having served Lake Winnebago and surrounding areas for over twenty years. Choosing the right vet can be the most important decision a family ever makes in a pet’s life. An established, proven practice dedicated to animal wellness and ongoing education is crucial to ensure the best care. Dr. Church and Dr. Nelson at Green Summit Animal Clinic are vets as well as passionate animal advocates. They work closely with a hand-selected, highly skilled team of technicians and office managers to provide outstanding care for Lake Winnebago pets and their families. The clean, contemporary office is comfortable and welcoming.

Comprehensive Veterinary Care

Regular check-ups are as important for pet health as they are for humans. Comprehensive services provided at Green Summit Animal Clinic include immunizations, spay and neuter surgery, declawing, and growth removals. Dental care, an often overlooked aspect of veterinary medicine, is also provided for the 50% of all pets who have some form of gum or dental disease. Preventative care of all kinds keeps pets happy and healthy, while compassionate, respectful euthanasia services are also available as needed and provided in a sensitive manner.

Convenient Online Animal Clinic Access

The staff of Green Summit Animal Clinic is mindful of convenience for Lake Winnebago patients and their pet parents. The clinic offers online services like appointment scheduling and reminders, prescription refills, and ordering of food and medication. Accommodating evening and weekend hours are available.

Specialty Veterinary Services

Specialty services are also offered at the clinic. Micro-chipping, alternative treatments like chiropractic care, and behavioral therapy are all available. Rabbits and other small mammals are welcome patients whose special needs are understood. The facility also provides boarding and grooming services. Separate areas for cats and dogs provide pampering and care in a clean, safe environment. With a variety of services to meet the needs of all pets and their families in Lake Winnebago and beyond, Green Summit Animal Clinic is the place for animal wellness and peace of mind. Contact the clinic by phone at 816.537.6626.