Green Summit Animal Clinic, Veterinarians, Harrisonville

If you’re a Harrisonville pet owner, you need to have someone you can trust for all your veterinary needs. Green Summit Animal Clinic offers vet services for Lee’s Summit and all surrounding areas. With more than 20 years experience, this clinic can offer the services Harrisonville dog and cat owners need.

Small Animal Veterinary Specialists

Whether you require routine veterinary services like vaccinations and nail clipping, or you have a vet emergency, you and your pet will receive experienced, gentle service from the Green Summit Animal Clinic. The clinic has friendly staff. In addition to the two doctors, Green Summit Animal Clinic also has experienced veterinary technicians on staff. They provide experience with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and small animals. Even exotic pets like hedgehogs, rodents and rabbits can see a veterinarian and receive the specialized care they require. The on-site kennel means that Harrisonville pet owners won’t need to worry if their furry friends need to stay overnight, either.

State-of-the-Art Veterinary Care

Available services from Green Summit Animal Clinic include standard immunizations and wellness care. Harrisonville pet owners can also choose spaying and neutering services, low-pain declawing surgery when necessary, and removal of skin tags and other growths. Your veterinarian can remove bladder stones, foreign intestinal bodies and injured tissue. Veterinary staff at Green Summit can also perform limited orthopedic surgery and most dental care, as well as offering chiropractic evaluations for animals with joint and spine problems.

Other Animal Clinic Services

Radiology, euthanasia and micro-chipping are also available, as is internal medicine to determine the cause of illness. Pet owners may also receive nutritional counseling to ensure that their pets get the best possible diet and prevent future health problems. Taking your pet to the vet at Green Summit isn’t just for animals with illnesses or injuries. You can also choose to have your pet bathed using medicated or non-medicated products, then pick from a variety of full service grooming options. Boarding for dogs is indoors with outdoor access when weather is pleasant. Cats can also be boarded in comfortable quarters with at least 30 minutes of indoor playtime per day.

Reliable Veterinary Care

Anyone who lives in the Harrisonville area needs reliable vet care for their dogs, cats and other pets. Green Summit can provide the expertise, facilities and friendly touch that your pets require. Take the time to contact them today and make sure that your pets are getting all the right care.