Green Summit Animal Clinic Staff


Dr. Cindy Church
Cindy Church

Dr. Church grew up in Lee’s Summit and graduated from Lee’s Summit South (the only high school at that time). She continues to live in Lee’s Summit with her family. As a child, pets were always a part of her life; a cat Fuffy, a dog Misty, many fish and hamsters. In undergraduate school she had a pet rat named Pearcy, who the entire family grew to love despite her tail. She also had a family of mice rescued after a nutrition study. She always wanted to become a veterinarian, but received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri in Human Environmental Science. After a couple of years in the “real world” she realized that her love of animals and the desire to help them was too great to ignore. She returned to school at Rockhurst University to pursue the remaining undergraduate requirements for a degree in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Church graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. After graduation she practiced in the Kansas City area until joining Green Summit Animal Clinic in January of 2005. Dr. Church purchased the practice in February of 2006. “Returning to school was the best decision I ever made,” said Dr. Church. “I knew deep in my soul that this was what I was meant to do and am so glad I decided to pursue this profession.”

Her current pets include her two cats, Sarah, and Sherbert, a dog Sherri, and many fish. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her children in whatever hobbies/activities they are pursuing.

Dr. Christina Nelson
Christina Nelson

Dr. Nelson grew up in Winfield Illinois, a small suburb of Chicago. She always had pets in the house, whether it was a fish, hamster, rabbit, or dog, and even a few exotic pets like a Hedgehog and Coatimundi. She knew from a young age that she wanted to become a Veterinarian, so she began volunteering in high school at a local veterinary clinic. She attended Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri in the fall of 2001, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Biology, but continued to work in the veterinary field throughout her entire college career. When she graduated in 2004, she decided that she liked Missouri so much that she would stay there for veterinary school. In 2009 she graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Mizzou, and joined Green Summit Animal Clinic that spring.

Dr. Nelson now resides in Oak Grove with her husband Ron, her children Chase, and Charlotte, and her dog Emmet. She loves to watch sports (when she can get her Cubs and Bears on TV here), and enjoys cooking, baking, and traveling with her family.

Chelsey Sirna

Dr. Sirna grew up in Lee’s Summit. She went to the University of Missouri and received her Bachelors in Animal Sciences in 2008 and stayed another four years to complete her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, graduating in 2012. She began working at Green Summit Animal Clinic in the winter of 2004 during breaks and holidays to gain experience in her pursuit of becoming a veterinarian (along with many other jobs). While in school she participated in World Vet Program and went to Costa Rica to help spay and neuter over 200 animals in one week. She joined the Green Summit Animal Clinic Veterinary staff in the spring of 2012.

Dr. Sirna currently resides in Lone Jack with her husband, daughter, son, four dogs, six cats, 2 horses, and some very spoiled chickens. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and watching her sports teams (Mizzou, the Chiefs, and the Royals-no matter how painful it is to watch sometimes).


Hunter Sbisa

Dr. Sbisa grew up in Lee’s Summit and obtained his Bachelor’s of Animal Science at Kansas State University in 2010. He then attended the University of Missouri where he obtained his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Master of Public Health degree in 2018. He worked with Green Summit Animal Clinic during his third year of clinical rotations and knew it would be a great practice to join. Dr. Sbisa had many unique experiences during his clinical rotations. One of these included a 6-week rotation at the Humane Society in St. Louis where he had the opportunity to spay and neuter multiple animals in the shelter for adoption. He joined the Green Summit Animal Clinic Veterinary staff in the spring of 2018.

Dr. Sbisa lives in Independence with his beloved wife, Karla, and one dog named Navi which he’s had since the beginning of vet school. Both he and his wife are very involved in ministry with their Church, Living Faith Lee’s Summit, and more specifically desire to reach internationals with the Gospel. He likes to play most sports but prefers extreme sports (mountain biking, snowboarding, etc.), loves to travel when possible, and enjoys nights of simply hanging out and catching up with friends over food and games.

Operations Manager

Christy Gaudette


Christy has been with our clinic since 2005. She is an outstanding individual and her love for animals is evident in her passion for their care and wellbeing. She loves her job and all of the staff, and enjoys being a manager both at work and at home with her 5 children, 2 dogs (Tucker and Niles), 3 cats (Shadow, Lynx and Sticky), and 2 birds (Castaway and Wilson). Outside of work she enjoys reading, spending time with her children, and running.


Veterinary Technician/Assistant Staff

Cassie Van Bebber

Cassie began working here in September 2007. After working in our kennels for several years, she decided to pursue a degree in Veterinary Technology. She graduated in May 2016 from Maple Woods Veterinary Technology Program. She has a sweet little daughter, a sweet old pup named Zepplin, and an ornery shih tzu named Jimi “Nugget” Hendrix. She enjoys caring for all of our patients, but takes particular joy in loving on her geriatric friends. Her motto is “the crustier and bumpier, the better.”



Melanie joined the Green Summit team in May 2010 and initially worked up front with the reception staff. Her unique character and skill, and her thirst for knowledge eventually allowed her to work everywhere in the clinic from the front desk, to bathing/grooming, and veterinary assistant work. Outside of work, she enjoys traveling to horse shows with her family to watch her daughter compete with their horse, Dunnit. She also has 2 dogs, Joezee and Fasa, and 4 cats, Gracie, Peach, Rainey, and Twinkie.


Reception Staff


Kim has been with the clinic since 2006. She is a certified receptionist and a veterinary advocate. Kim has lived in the Lee’s Summit area since 2003 with her husband of 30+ years, Brett.

She currently has two very spoiled domestic cats, Abby and Mooshu, and two extremely spoiled grand-dogs, Katie Bear and Pippa.



Serena has been with Green Summit Animal Clinic since January of 2012. She enjoys working in the veterinary field because of her intense passion for all animals. She is blessed to work with a great staff and finds working as a receptionist a rewarding opportunity to help the clients and their pets.

Serena has been married for 30+ years to her Papa Bear husband and has three great children who are truly her reason for living. She has two rescue dogs, KC and Mason, two rescue cats, Bugger and Tehya, and a very noisy cockatiel named Elvis. She enjoys spending time with her family, fishing, and riding horses.


 Sharol has been grooming in the Lee’s Summit area for over 15 years.

Pet Consultants & Specialists
Dr. Emily McLeod

Here at Green Summit Animal Clinic we recognize there is a growing demand for more options for alternative treatments, and care. We are constantly reviewing new treatments to ensure our clients receive the best care possible. The American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (ACVA) was formed in 1989 by a group of Veterinarians and Chiropractors interested in expanding the benefits of Chiropractic care for animals. The AVCA has evolved from an advocacy group to a certifying agency for Chiropractors that have completed the training necessary to treat animals.

Dr. Emily McLeod is one such doctor who treats both humans’ and animals’ Chiropractic needs. Dr. McLeod started practicing as a human Chiropractor on humans in 2000. Soon after her starting practicing, her love of animals took her career down a new path. She enrolled at Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, and in 2004, earned her National Certification in Animal Chiropractic care. She is now on staff at Green Summit Animal Clinic and works closely with several DVMs in the area. Dr. McLeod feels the relationship between chiropractor and veterinarian can be beneficial for the patient.

“I refer several of my chiropractic patients back to their veterinarians for medical issues,” she says. “I consider myself an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands for my veterinarians and often times when I’m performing chiropractic exams or treatments; I observe pathologies or medical issues. It’s nice to be able to work with DVMs to provide the very best care we can for our patients.”

To schedule Chiropractic Evaluation and treatment with Dr. McLeod please contact her at (816) 694-9003. To find out more, you can also go to her website or send her an email.

After your pets initial evaluation with Dr. McLeod she will formulate an individualized treatment plan for your pet.